FM Mission Critical Services' (FMMCS')  operations consulting experts work with their clients to
reduce the effects of energy costs on business planning and increase reliability of mission
critical facilities. Their ultimate objectives are to formulate and implement Cost Reduction
Measures ("CRMs") that have very aggressive payback schedules of less than three (3) years
and very high added value in terms of increased critical availability and significantly reduced
likelihood of revenue loss.

Often, the recommended CRMs require only operational modifications with little, if any capital
requirement. FMMCS starts with an operational review to laterally screen alternatives, which
enhance energy performance and process reliability. Close interface with the client is
maintained to ensure that each CRM is aligned with business objectives. For CRMs that
require capital investment, FM Services mines available governmental incentive programs and
provides optional financing to minimize capital requirements.

Typical Consulting FMMCS

Energy Audits
Mission Critical Services
Condition Assessments
Technical & Economic Project Definition
Project Design & Construction *
Project Financing *

*        To achieve the aggressive payback schedules for each CRM, FMMCS offers design and construction services either through design/build or conventional engineering services
followed with construction oversight. Assistance in project financing is available. FMMCS'
objectives are to provide the Client with single point responsibility and "Fast-Track" project
Operational Consulting
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