Design and Construction Services:

To achieve the energy savings identified in the Energy Surveys through “fast-track” project
execution and under budget construction, FMMCS offers its design and construction
services through “lump-sum-design/build” or conventional "engineering design" followed
with "construction oversight".  While either approach provides the Client with single point
responsibility throughout the project cycle, FMMCS often recommends the conventional
approach to achieve the following advantages:

Greater Decision Making Opportunities
Better Project Quality, and
Cost Transparency.  

In the conventional project execution process, and for an agreed upon project engineering fee, FMMCS prepares detailed drawings and specifications for Client review and approval
prior to obtaining competitively firm pricing for major equipment and for Contractor labor
and material.  FMMCS then prepares bid evaluations and recommendations for bid award
for the Client to issue purchase orders to equipment Vendors and Subcontractors.

During construction, FMMCS will act as the Owner Representative, performing field checks
and surveys to ensure high project quality and approve shop drawings and submittals for
construction on behalf of the Client - with a focus on energy performance.  

In addition, FMMCS will:

Attend all construction job meetings
Answer all questions as they arise
Coordinate schedules and any required shutdowns
Keep the Client apprised of progress
Oversee all work by the installing contractor(s)
Oversee equipment commissioning and witness functional testing
Supervise the preparation of all permits, licenses, and other construction paperwork
that may be required.  

FMMCS provides design and construction services for the following types of energy projects:

Heating systems, including high and low pressure boilers
Cooling systems, including direct fired, electric and steam driven    central chiller
Power generation systems, including cogeneration, peak shaving, standby power,
mechanical drives and heat recovery
Power quality systems, including static and rotary UPS, transfer switching, power
factor correction capacitors and back up generators
Demand management systems, including building management and HVAC system
upgrades, VFD installations and emergency back up generator controls for demand
Energy efficiency upgrades, including boiler economizers, blowdown heat recovery,
microturbines, free-cooling, equipment automation and control
Rehabilitation and life extension for existing facilities
Energy Projects
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