Energy Surveys
In response to extremely volatile energy markets, FMMCS provides its clients Energy Audits
and Condition Assessments to help them manage energy risk and reduce the impact of
commodity prices on business planning.  

Energy Audits provide a facility with an account of energy cost/usage by user and by commodity,
along with life-cycle cost analyses of measures to optimize the supply (procurement) and
demand (usage) of energy.  Their goal is to reduce life cycle costs while maximizing the long-
term value of invested capital.  

Typically, FMMCS reduces energy use and demand by focusing on hidden energy costs that
may be eliminated through operational modifications and minimal capital expenditures.  
Operational reviews, evaluations of existing equipment automation and control and equipment
performance testing are conducted to design measures that maximize a facility’s operating
energy efficiency.  

In load sensitive areas (such as New York City), measures to reduce summer electric demand
through load sequencing, building management system modifications, variable frequency
drives and emergency generator operation for demand curtailment are evaluated.

The effects of deregulated energy markets are incorporated in alternative evaluation and
equipment selection.  For example, the shift by utilities to real-time electric pricing favors
cooling equipment with comparatively lower electric use during hot summer weather.

When the effects of State Energy Efficiency Incentive Programs are included, the recommended
energy efficiency and demand curtailment measures often generate payback periods shorter
than three years.

Typical Scope of Energy Audits:

       Energy Accounting, gas, electric, oil
       Tariff rate analysis, current versus future
       Commodity use, current versus future
       Energy use, by user and process
       Energy profiles, use versus time
       Energy supply, utility, ESCO, self-generation
       Energy demand on/off peak, fuel switching
       Operation and automation
       Predictive maintenance
       Energy Savings
       Capital upgrades
       Energy conservation measures
       Capital requirements
       Life cycle analyses
       Operational planning
Energy Audits
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