For customers with onsite generating capability, participation in the FM Mission Critical
Services (FMMCS) program provides a self-funding mechanism to implement demand
response projects with no capital outlays for the customer.

Existing emergency equipment, which is normally idle 99% of the time, can be utilized to
generate substantial revenue while enhancing emergency system reliability.

Through the FMMCS program, New York State Energy Research and Development
Authority (NYSERDA) Funds generated through the System Benefits Charge (SBC) on
utility bills are available to finance Peak Load Reduction and emergency system upgrades.

Similarly, additional funding for emergency system upgrades is achieved through New
York Independent System Operator (NYISO) capacity payments for load reduction during
periods of excessive electrical demand.

By participating in FMMCS Demand Response Program, customers also achieve secure,
online monitoring of critical energy data which helps manage peak electrical load and
ensure utility billing accuracy.
Demand Response Programs
STEP I: ISO Pmts are used to pay for Program Set Up costs including DR Assessment, Permitting,
Metering, etc..
STEP II: ISO+NYSERDA Pmts are used to Upgrade Existing Equipment to Increase Continuous Load on
STEP III: ISO+NYSERDA Pmts are used to Install Additional Measures for Peak Load Reduction and
Provide Dedicated Demand Response Switchgear to Maximize Peak Load Reduction.
FM Services' 3 Step Program Provides a Self Funding
Mechanism for Demand Response Upgrades
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