The staff of FMMCS includes a group of very talented Licensed Professional Engineers
who bring to the Client an owner/operator perspective backed by many years of design
and construction experience at large Fortune 500 companies.  From this unique
“operating perspective”, which recognizes that most fund expenditures occur during the
operating phase of a project, FMMCS helps its clients reduce total project costs
(inclusive of capital and operating costs) and maximize the long term value of invested

In the conceptual phase, FMMCS works closely with its clients to conduct an operational
review, develop a business case and define the scope for their projects.  Several key
members provide technical and business insight to laterally screen alternatives, satisfy
business objectives and meet financial hurdles rates.

As a result of this dynamic process, the recommended infrastructure upgrades are
usually projects with very aggressive payback schedules (less than three years) and/or
very high added value in terms of increased critical system availability and significantly
reduced likelihood of revenue loss.  These projects are always consistent with Client’s
business plans, generate substantial Client benefits and are often “fast tracked”
through Design/Build procurement or by having FMMCS act as the project engineer with
single point of responsibility for project design and construction oversight.  

As demonstrated by its experienced multi-disciplinary staff and its complement of
energy and mission critical project experience, FMMCS maintains in-house expertise in
the full spectrum of project services encompassing conceptual design, engineering and
construction, project financing and operation and maintenance.
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