Condition Assessments And Life Extension Studies
Often  Energy  Audits  are  performed  with  Condition Assessment and Life Extension Studies.

Condition assessments normally consider the operating condition  of  existing  utility
systems  and  components. Maintenance  records  are  studied,  component/system failures
and overall process performance are tracked to formulate a plan for predictive maintenance.

Findings from the Condition Assessment are included in a report detailing what equipment
changes are required to help restore original design conditions or perhaps to achieve greater
efficiencies by operating utility equipment at their sweet spot.

Life Extension Studies consider a finite length of time into the future to extend the life cycle of
utility systems. In this study, recommendations are included for change out, upgrade,
decommissioning or maintenance schedule to certain components to achieve the desired life

Budget  estimates  are  included  to  implement  the recommended changes to help the client
develop a program that meets his capital and operational budgetary constraints.

Condition Assessment FMMCS

Visual inspections
Operating inspections
Historical operating trends
Combustion testing
Performance, PTC-4.1 testing
Process review
Alternative capital deferment
Recommendations for rehabilitation,upgrades, and replacement
Budgetary pricing
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